Stainless Steel Emergency Eye & Face Wash and Shower Unit

This unit addresses most of the common decontamination emergency requirements in one package.

This polished stainless steel emergency eye/face wash and shower station provides the required protection and sanitary appearance necessary for today's process environments. Specified shower heads and eye washes complete this assembled unit with a minimal number of threaded connections. This helps avoid startup and potential future leaks in the joints, and allows for installation in a fraction of the time needed for un-assembled unit with threaded pipe components. The eyewash can be activated by a hand lever or a foot treadle. The shower is activated with a convenient pull rod. Once installed, the unit is easily removed if necessary. The inlet connection incorporates a clamp style joint for easy removal. The unit can be detached from the wall by removing 4 screws.

Decontamination Misting Shower
Designed to fulfill your needs for containing airborne particles in de-gowning areas for sanitary applications.

Hose Hanger Hose Hanger

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Nozzles are sized to provide a variety of flow rates ranging from a fine mist to a heaving drenching stream. The shower is designed for 100% coverage of the user without having to move around. Several standard units are available, or we can build custom units to your specifications.