"As a Pharmaceutical Engineer over the last several years I have worked with Modern Mechanical on a number of projects. Their custom fabrication shop truly allows them the creative ability to solve problems and the fit and finish of their work is of the highest quality. They are responsive to customers needs and are well informed with the certification requirements of product contact materials for the Pharmaceutical industry. I would highly recommend them for your business needs."

- Tim Hay, Pharmaceutical Project Engineer


"Modern Mechanical gets it. They are focused on meeting the end user's needs. They can work with you on a "Napkin Sketch" for simple projects or a full engineering design. They are good to work with and provide excellent workmanship at a good price."

- Ray Racine, Senior Controls Engineer, Hallam - ICS


"MMFI management and engineering capabilities are committed to excellence. Their fab shop is kept as clean as their designs and final product. Value engineering and sensible approach to projects make MMFI a good constructor and project partner. I value their dedication to the client and personal integrity."

- Martin A. Smolkin, Senior Mechanical Designer / Project Design Coordinator


"We envisioned what we wanted and Modern Mechanical Fab made it happen. The enhancements they made on our vehicles will result in more thorough and less rigorous work on our crew."

- Pat Seymour, Construction Technician, Westelcom



"Modern Mechanical is more than just a fabrication shop. They bring integrated design solutions to my process and facility construction projects. No project is too large or too small. When I need help with a project, I call Modern Mechanical."

- Joe Madden, Project Manager


"I have personally been working with Modern Mechanical for the past 4 years. The work that they perform is by far of the highest quality of any of the vendors we have utilized when it comes to custom stainless fabrication.

The items we purchase from Modern Mechanical have increased the safety and performance of our facility. Custom designed and fabricated stainless steel swing gates, stainless steel gasket and clamp holders are examples of items that we have purchased. One of the biggest pushes in our facility has been reducing the amount of time it takes to go from one product to another (SMED) and with the custom products that Modern Mechanical offers suits these needs perfectly.

Modern Mechanical offers a range of items that address what most factories strive to do - organize the work place. Having products to 5S the workplace not only has a payback to the company but it also increases employee morale.

Customer relation is another strong suit for Modern Mechanical. They continually stay in contact with us during the life of a project. Modern Mechanical has been committed to ensure that the relationship between customer and vendor is at the very highest it can be."

- David M. Fitzgerald - "Fitz", TMP Maintenance Supervisor, Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc.